Welcome Spring in Style

Spring is known to be the first kiss of summer. Since it’s here I am really thrilled to welcome the season of new beginnings. Speaking of new beginnings, I want to take a moment to thank each one of you- my readers. I really hope my blog helps add a sprinkle of happiness to your lives. Whenever you read my blog and if something close to a smile dances on your lips, I know my mission is accomplished.
I have been known to get a little too emotional so let me instead dive right into one of my most favorite things in the world – Fashion. Yes, let me get to the details of this look that’s all about florals and fun!Nothing screams Spring, like florals do! So for starters I picked a floral bodysuit that I paired with high-waist jeans.To add a dash of carefree streak to the look I chose a white lace cardigan. It’s simple yet sexy. Calm yet playful! While generally during Spring you do tend to wear a lot of colors that pop, I chose to go the other way and create a look with subtle colors, but it does hit all the right buttons. The items in this look have been picked up from William B+ Friends. Do check out their amazing collection. A versatile look like this will let you shuffle between a movie theatre, a club, a restaurant or a lounge. Now there aren’t many looks that can boast of such flexibility. However, there is one place that I definitely loved to visit in this outfit – The Beach. Bodysuit is a great choice for spending some time at the beach. So off I went to enjoy some me-time with the waves!That’s how I put on a grand welcome for Spring 2017, what about you? How are you planning to welcome this beautiful season? Do let me know in the comments below! Until then, hope you enjoy the freshness in the breeze and the sun on your cheeks.

My Favorite Body Suits

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