Shine On… Always

Hello, Everyone! Post my weekend getaway to Napa Valley, I was really kicked to get some work done. Work was extremely productive and I also got some time to think of more ideas for Happy Little Space. Ideas just don’t cut it, so I sat down and laid out short terms goals for myself. It’s always great to plan ahead and know which direction you’re heading in. While I was juggling between work and my blog I got an unexpected mid-week booster! A couple of weeks ago in one of my looks, I spoke of sneakers from ED by Ellen, guess what? The official Instagram account for the brand reposted my picture. Check it out here​! Appreciation makes you feel so good!

Now about my look, I usually choose to shoot on piers, but this time I thought of getting a bit closer to the ocean and revel in the beauty of the sea and sand.First I want to talk about the highlight of my look – The Skirt! I personally swear by Anthropologie. I love shopping there and their style totally resonates with mine. I picked up this skirt a while ago, and oh! How I love it! It’s a netted skirt with details as prominent as the night sky. Nocturnal beings like me will absolutely adore it.For the top, I chose a blush colored off-shoulder piece from Irene’s Story. I love the way the pink top compliments the dark skirt and both blend in beautifully to create magic.In keeping with the stars and moon themed skirt, I’ve picked a necklace with charms that match!I love wearing clothes that help bring out my feminine side. Twirling your skirt is synonymous with childhood and just donning this skirt highlighted my carefree streak.That’s all from my ultra feminine look. If you want me to create a specific look, or if you have any style questions at all, do let me know in the comments below. Keep smiling, spread happiness and don’t let anyone dull your sparkle!

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