Pretty In Pink

Oh what a wonderful world it is!
This week has been absolutely wonderful and the reason behind it is – Rains!
I was raised in Mumbai and that meant a whole four months of monsoon. This also translated into warm fuzzy afternoons that were spent reading classics while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, while the raindrops raced down the windowpane.
Rains also mean fresh air and the lovely fragrance of the mud once it’s kissed by the water flowing down from the sky. It goes without saying that all this beauty brings out the happy side in me. This past month we’ve experienced a lot of rainy days in L.A. which is rather rare.
But I cannot complain because rains are meant to be enjoyed and that’s what I intend to do. Also, more rains mean you will soon see an all new look that is meant for this playful climate, with booth, rain jackets and the whole schbang.While in my previous blog post I’ve spoken about bringing you most of my looks from the beach, but rains and beaches don’t make a good combination. So I had to ditch my plan of visiting a beach and instead I dropped by at my favorite Nail Salon – Varnish Lab. Check out exclusive pictures from my visit there in the Explore L.A. section with Nikki, here.
Let’s get down to my look. It was raining and the weather was pretty chilly so I picked boyfriend jeans with sequin embroidery of a flamingo and a palm tree. Jeans are an all-weather wear and I completely agree. I’ve picked a light purple turtle neck top and wore a pink J Crew coat to keep the cold winds at bay.

On rainy days the atmosphere might get a bit gloomy so adding a pop of color will only help you stand out!
The shoes that I’m sporting here are the extremely cute and comfortable kitty flats from Charlotte Olympia.I’ve chosen a blush bucket bag so it blends in seamlessly with the whole look. It’s so convenient and stylish, a perfect fit for everyday use.
That’s how you tackle a rainy day in style, or you could also choose to drop by at my favorite nail studio and give yourself a treat.
Until next time, don’t forget to think happy thoughts!

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