Mastering The Tricky Transition

Stuck between wearing too many layers and wearing too little, because you’re not sure what surprise the weather has in store for you? Well, this my friends is the tricky transition period and for all you fashionistas out there I’d only like to say one thing – Make the most of it.It’s funny how life continues to surprise you. I believe that it is a journey, a road that is only yours to take and only yours to sit back and enjoy. Along the way you receive surprises and heartbreaks and it’s all just a part of one long journey. If you just decide to enjoy the little things in life, then friends your trip will be full of wonders! The ocean, the sound of the waves on the sea shore, the tiny little boats sailing across the horizon make me happy. After a long day, nothing beats sitting on the lifeguard tower, putting my headphones on and surrendering myself to music and moments of unabashed abandonment.
As I was preparing for my visit to Redondo beach and not being sure of what the weather was going to be like I chose to craft a look that will take me from winter to spring in a matter of seconds if the need arises.

I picked ankle length leggings with a tank top and a short embroidery bomber jacket and an oversized reversible bomber jacket! The chill in the air is very evident and so the bomber jackets were functional for keeping the cold winds at bay and at the same time, they looked super cool when paired together.
As soon as the sun got harsher, I could shed the layers and simply bask in the sun without sweating over multiple clothing layers. Number 1 rule to effortless fashion is always to be comfortably flexible.

How are you managing the transitional look? Need tips? Drop me a comment below and I would love to help you out. I cannot wait for Spring to begin already! Until it starts getting warmer if you want to revisit your favorite jackets or boots, the time is now!

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