How To Make Stripes Work For You

Hello Friends!
There is one fashion favorite that has also been misused so much! You know what I’m talking about – STRIPES!
It’s everywhere, it’s in all shapes and sizes, it’s sometimes horizontal, other times vertical and sometimes we love it and other times we just want to avert our eyes.
I personally adore stripes, so to nurse this love of mine, I have found a foolproof way to indulge in this trend without going overboard.Wear the stripes inside out. By this I mean, pick a striped item which is subtle and has a casual air about it. Next, pick a jacket with striped arms. The beauty is truly in the details. Both these items are from William B+ Friends, a store that I absolutely swear by when it comes to casual dressing. If you haven’t check them out yet, I’m telling you, do it right away!A special mention in this whole look goes to my new favorite Chaprint sneakers from ED by Ellen. It’s patterned with a mishmash of uplifting words and oh! How I love it!So my advice to you when wearing stripes is, keep it cool, casual and laid-back. There are plenty of options available for you to play with stripes, try it out and share your success stories with me!
If you have any questions, remember you need only ask!

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