How To Create A Comfortably Stylish Look

Hello Friends,
It’s a Monday morning and I’m really thrilled to start off this new week with a bang.
We see so much of negativity around the word ‘Monday’ that I think it is high time we break this weekly schedule of moaning over Mondays and simply enjoy the day as a fresh start to the week.
Here’s a trick, making somebody else smile goes a long way into making your day great. So do something unexpectedly kind for someone today without expecting anything in return. The positivity you send out into the world, will find a way of coming back to you!
Lately I was feeling calm and refreshed, so you see this calm reflecting in the look that I’ve curated for you.
I’ve picked a cold shoulder top in white. It’s very feminine and I love the way it’s complimenting my body frame.
A cold shoulder top is incredibly flattering on women of various body-types so this is one fashion style you should totally hoard!I’ve paired the white top with black denims. Now the combination of black and white cannot be stressed upon enough. This chic combo screams minimalism. If you want to make a statement without drawing too much attention to yourself, a combination like this will never let you down.To add a little zing to the subtle outfit combo, I’ve picked a pink belt and a blush bag. You can get your hands on this blush bag, here. By now I’m sure you must be aware that pink is a constant in my outfits that I just cannot do without. And why should I? It looks great! Wouldn’t you agree?

To add the final touch to the easy breezy look I’ve picked loafers. Loafers are the ultimate comfort shoes! It was also particularly breezy on the day of the shoot so I’ve added a black and white printed kimono that is very light and remarkably fashionable.You can play with different colors of kimonos too. In a matter of minutes the whole look can be turned around.And friends, that’s how you create a comfortably stylish look!
What’s your favorite item when it comes to creating a look that’s casual and comfortable? Do share your ideas with me in the comments below.
Oh, and don’t forget to have a Happy Monday!

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