Disrupt With Double Denim

Hello Friends! It’s been an extremely hectic week so far and I’m so happy that it is finally Sunday. When you’re juggling between so many things, it does tend to get to you. But I’ve found that working out each evening helps to re-charge not just my body but also my mind.

While I was contemplating about what my next look should be, I was running through all the items in my wardrobe and how each item in there had a story. What stood out for me the most was my obsession with everything vintage! So before I get to the look of the day, I thought of sharing my list of vintage essentials with you that should be in every girl’s closet! No questions asked. Here it goes:
1) Vintage blue jeans – I swear by my favorite Levi’s jeans.
2) White t-shirt – White t-shirts are a must-have no matter what your personal style maybe. There are some days when you don’t want to work too hard on your look and a white t-shirt with blue denims on those days will be your lifesaver.
3) Black leather jacket – It is the epitome of style. You just gotta have this in your closet.
4) Denim jacket – Denim jackets are part rugged, part cool and complete face-lifters for a look.
5) Gucci belt – Because a girl’s gotta have a Gucci.
6) Gucci loafers – It’s not always about high heels and stylish boots. Sometimes you’ve got to tone down the diva within and relax. Loafers are made for those days!
7) Adidas sneakers – My obsession with Adidas’ sneakers is ORIGINAL!
8) Black boots – Because they are an all time favorite winter-buddy.
9) Ray-ban round frame sunglasses – It’s an all-season wear. You will never regret buying it. Trust me.
If you’re missing out on any of the essentials suggested by me, better stock up. You can find links to each of these products if you scroll to the end of this blog.
Now, how awesome it would be if I could use my closet essentials to curate a look that’s both vintage and high-on style. I decided to take on the double-denim trend and here I am to decode it for you.I picked a pair of high-waist jeans and white t-shirt. Basic, right? But what takes this basic look up a notch is the denim kimono. This patchwork kimono is a vintage find and I can vouch for its versatility. You could pair it with a summery dress and it would look just as stunning. To complete the look I’ve put on a pair of black boots from Zara. If black boots are missing from your closet, loafers or sneakers would do too!The beauty lies in little things and I couldn’t agree more. If you look closely, the white t-shirt has a cute cat design printed on it. Now wouldn’t that just make anyone go awwww? Plus, I am a huge animal lover and I believe that the presence of these furry friends can add so much sunshine to even the bleakest days.One thing that you can definitely take away from this look is that you need to break the color. Even if it is a double-denim look, ensure there is atleast one piece in your attire that stands out and breaks the monotony that the double-denim brings. In this case, it is the white t-shirt.That’s all from me today! Before I go, I just want to say to you that your confidence and style is what makes you who you are. Own the streets, treat it like your runway! And as Selena Gomez asserts repeatedly in her track (my current favorite) ​“Kill ‘em with Kindness!

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