Crazy Over Cardigan

I’m beginning this blog on a very positive note. I’m really pleased to tell you all that I finally fixed a workout schedule and I’m sticking to it. A workout is something that we generally put off. I can think of countless people having gym memberships and never actually making a trip to the gym. I was one of them. But not anymore! The initial days were excruciatingly painful, but the trick is to keep at it. Honestly, I enjoy the sweet pain that the first few days of an intense workout brings. The after-effects of it are truly blissful. Investing in myself and my well-being is the best possible investment that I can make, and the return on it is immeasurable. With my new found love for fitness, I urge you to do the same. If you want to know more details about my workout routines and diet plan, drop in a comment below and I’d love to chat with you about it. Another event that has kept me occupied is definitely the Paris Fashion Week. There are such radical style statements that are being made in the mecca of fashion and I’m glued to it. In the next few weeks you might see me taking a hint or two from what I’ve seen of the fashion week coverage and applying it to my style. So stay posted!
When you look great, you feel great. With my new sense of fulfillment I wanted to go to a place that will inspire me to do more, it goes without saying the ocean was my first choice. So I headed to Redondo beach on a cold March afternoon to bask in the sun.Basking in the sun also meant I could put on my ladylike hat and a pair of super cool reflector sunglasses. The look that I’ve created uses very three very simple elements;
a) Casual Top
b) Leather Pants
c) Cardigan
When these elements are fused in together they work beautifully to create a style that is both trendy and functional.Let’s get down to details! I’ve chosen a stylish pair of leather pants which look marvelous on sunny days. Plus, they are stretchable and while you might think, “Leather, so uncomfortable!” Believe me, they aren’t. I’ve paired it with a simple pink top and black block heels.Accessorizing is one of my favorite parts about creating a look, here I’ve used a teardrop or also known as a waterfall illusion necklace. I wanted the look to have an airy feel about it, so I’ve kept the accessories minimal.Every style I create has got to have a superstar! In this one, it has got to be the cardigan. I’ve picked a long grey cardigan with white Aztec stripes that helps bring symmetry to the otherwise simple top and pants.I truly believe that pairing is the key to creating stylish looks. It is in the mish-mash of various things that you eventually find your personal style.The fashion choices are unlimited, with every look, do something new and trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Stay stylish, keep mixing and matching, never stop experimenting!

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