Coachella Inspired Style

Hello Friends!
Coachella 2017 is happening as we speak! While the biggest names in music and their super enthusiastic fans are making their way to have the time of their life, I’ve had to sit this one out. I love Coachella, its vibe is unlike any other music fest I’ve been to! Just thinking about it makes me wanna sway and sing… If I close my eyes and really concentrate, I might even hear the music play! Who am I kidding? I’m missing Coachella and there is only one way to get rid of these blues, DRESS FOR IT!For my Coachella-inspired look, I’ve picked a black V-neck bodycon, from Skylark Venice and paired it with distressed denims. Coachella is the poster-child for bohemian fashion and distressed denims are a must when we talk about a fashion style that is carefree and all about living in the moment. You can get the ones I’m sporting in this look, here.
While I like the boho look I also wanted to add a bit of my stylish edge to it. That is where the striped shirt and the chunky jewelry comes in. I love a good neck-piece and the solid chain detailing on this one is so sexy!The festival in the desert must need sunglasses. Not just any sunglasses, you need ones that are high-on-style. The ones that I’ve picked here are fresh and modern with a touch of the cool classic.
At Coachella you will see people coming from various cities and flaunting their personal style. So if you’re visiting this festival, I’d just like to say to you, be unapologetically YOU!
If you need more tips on nailing the perfect outfit to wear to Coachella, I’m all ears! Drop your queries in the comments section and I promise that you will look like a total rockstar when I’m done with you.

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