Beauty And The Beach

A big hello and warm hugs to all my lovely readers out there! I know that lately I have been going ga-ga over the beauty of Spring, but honestly, who wouldn’t?
One of my favorite things to do on lovely spring afternoons is to drive down the city of Palos Verdes Estate. If you’re living in Los Angeles you will agree with me that this city is definitely one of the most scenic places there is in SoCal. Its rocky beaches and the mountain-view is to die for. Putting aside all the beauty of this place, it is also very close to my heart because this is the city where I got married, not long ago. Some places just etch their names in our hearts and this place for me is just that. A place where my fairy-tale began. It also happens to be the place where my office is which means I get to visit this beauty everyday and that makes me so happy!You’ve got to see this place to believe it. It is breathtaking and I guarantee that once you visit Palos Verdes Estate it will be difficult to wipe that smile off your face.
Today, I want to talk about a casual look that I upgrade by simply keeping a few clothing options in the back of my car. Does that sound strange to you? Well, let me explain.A casual look more often than not begins with a white t-shirt. The one I’m currently sporting has a caption that says ‘Espresso Yourself’. Stands true to combat Monday morning blues. I’ve also chosen black ankle-length jeans that fit me perfectly. Black is a classic that never goes out of style and that’s exactly why I need my black Zara boots to go with my jeans. Here’s the thing, there are times when you need to glam-up and then there are those days when you want to enjoy the lovely view. For those days I keep a pair of loafers in my car so I can switch up anytime I want. This trick is especially helpful when I’ve had a long day at work and I’m driving back home. I can simply stop here and relax for a bit. Another item that you’ve got to have on you for an instant face-lift is a leather jacket. The beauty of this fashion item cannot be spoken of enough. Leather jackets have a style edge that is incomparable. Also when you’re living in a beach city temperature tends to drop in the evenings at such times you’ve got to have a layer handy.That’s all about my day in sun at the Palos Verdes Estate.
Also, be sure to check out my other favorite t-shirts and boots option below and enjoy the simple look because life is all about enjoying little things. Keep sharing your thoughts because that makes me happy.

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    • Hi Jaspreet, your comment makes me so happy! I will most certainly create a semi-casual look for workplace soon. Do stay tuned.