Beat The Heat with a Maxi Dress

Hello Friends!
I was made for sunny days! It always makes me so happy to head out on a bright day and pick a beach to visit where I can let my hair down and just unwind. There is one thing a day like this is incomplete without, and that is Cocktails! So I headed out to Malibu beach (Malibu Farm – Being the best place to get AMAZING cocktails) and enjoy something cold while I get sun-kissed.
Spring’s one fashion favorite is Maxi dresses and I couldn’t agree more. Maxi dresses are so comfortable. If you want an effortless look and you don’t want to go short. This style could be the breath of fresh air that you need.The maxi I’m wearing here has a simple and elegant design. The much-needed drama to the look comes in from the halter neck tie and low strappy back.The beauty of a maxi dress is that it feels so comfy but it looks so stylish. It’s tough to find that combination I tell you, and when something finally achieves it, you just don’t want to let it go. Dramatic much? It’s just my passion for fashion that’s all!I’ve kept accessories minimal. The one thing I cannot do without is my bag, so I’ve picked a straw tote. For my visits to the beach I generally pick bags which are larger because the essentials to be carried are more. You could opt for something smaller based on your preference.
Did you know, your fashion style deeply reflects your personality? I’ve also tried applying it the other way around. If my mind is wreaking havoc, I choose to dress in tones that are calming so that the very same positivity gets applied to my thoughts too. I’ve also found that a few moments of carelessness go a long way into ensuring that your sanity remains! So give that inner goddess a break sometimes… allow yourself to be a carefree, sexy, happy spirit!

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