H&M’s Conscious Collection – My Top Picks

Hello Friends!
On 22nd April we celebrated World Earth Day.
While social media was going abuzz with slogans for protecting Mother Earth, there was one brand that really struck a chord with me when it came to choosing sustainability as a ​style of living!
If anything H&M is known for its impeccable and effortless fashion, but when they recently launched the 6th edition of their conscious collection, which married the two varied entities of fashion and sustainability, I was blown away and they have me as a fan for life.
For those of you who are unaware of this initiative, in the words of Natalia Vodianova, the face of the campaign, H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection shows how the best style can be mindful of the planet, to help protect it for the future. It’s such a desirable collection, with pieces made in sustainable materials that you want to wear for seasons to come.”
While each piece in this collection brings the freshness of spring and the guilt-free tag, I have narrowed down the choices for you with my top picks.
The Chic Look
For the first look I’ve put together a short imitation leather skirt and paired it with a casual lyocell top. To add a spin of chic to the look, I’ve picked a jacket. You could put together this look for a night of club hopping!

The Dreamy Dress
Here’s a dress that will leave you smiling, because you know you will be making the right choice by buying it. This bonded dress created from recycled polyester is a vision in pink. The unique design of the dress is nothing short of stunning and don’t forget the brownie points it earns for being environment friendly.

The Semi-Casual
Why should your work wear shy away from being sustainable? The H&M Conscious Collection has something to offer you no matter what your style may be. To put together a semi-casual office look you can pick these high-waist pants with a tie belt, formal yet super stylish, don’t you think? I’ve paired it with a black long-sleeved top to ensure the look isn’t too uptight.

These were my top picks, be sure to check out the entire collection, here.

H&M is making sustainable fashion look good, once you lay your eyes on them, you’re going to want it all!

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